Just as a country’s system of monetary exchange (for example USD or Euros) are the native currency of that country or countries. A cryptocurrency is the native asset of blockchain networks that can be traded, utilized as a medium of exchange and used as a store of value. A cryptocurrency is issued directly by the blockchain protocol on which it runs, which is why it is often referred to as a blockchain’s native currency.

A measure of value.
The most important and essential function is to provide a ‘measure of value’.
Up and until now (or since all currencies stopped relying on gold as a measure of value) there is no other alternative to the mechanism used by the market to set, determine, or measure the value of various goods and services.
With CREATIVES that has changed!
To serve as a measure of value, a medium of exchange, CREATIVES needs to have constant intrinsic value and stable purchasing power.
Determination of price is an essential condition for justice in exchange. The most important and essential function of a medium of exchange is to be widely accepted and have relatively stable purchasing power (real value). The consensus mechanism (Proof-of-Content) in NIM’s infrastructure ensures that a measure and storage of value is guaranteed.

The owner of Copyrights can also convert ROYs into CREATIVES. The fiat in escrow (USD) will ALWAYS follow the exchange of ROYs!

Fiat (USD) that was  balancing the ROYs are now balancing CREATIVES, contributing greatly to liquidity and stability for CREATIVES