New Internet Media

A sustainable
ecosystem for

New Internet Media offers a complete solution for registering, reporting, and paying royalties from music. By using the latest technology, royalty can now be transferred instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world, the very moment a song is streamed. But speed is just one of the benefits.

Royalties can also be distributed in a much fairer way allowing entirely new possibilities for building careers in the music business. Furthermore, all stakeholders are fully integrated into the ecosystem. This means that instead of disrupting existing operations, New Internet Media enables a smooth migration to a more effective, safe, and scalable handling of royalties.

A sustainable
ecosystem for


While music is more accessible than ever, the economic conditions for artists, songwriters, producers and musicians are challenged. New Internet Media allows royalties to be collected instantly in a user-centric way meaning that creators can be remunerated fairly, according to the value they create. In brief: More money faster.


Royalties provide a stable, low-risk alternative for investors. The ecosystem offers flexible tools for investing in copyrights by leasing the right to receive royalties for a defined period.

Collecting Societies & Publishers

Publishers and collecting societies are fully integrated into the ecosystem. The system is developed to easily interface with the existing operations of all stakeholders, which enables a smooth migration to a more effective, safe, and scalable handling of royalties.

The currency CREATIVES

CREATIVES are the system’s native currency. Its value is based on the value of the royalties flowing through the ecosystem. Anybody can make FOREX transactions on CREATIVES.

Digital Service providers (DSPs)

New Internet Media is easily integrated into the operations of DSPs like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Amazon. Transferring royalties to rights holders in our ecosystem is much faster and more economical than traditional financial channels.


New Internet Media is built on a blazingly fast and eco-friendly platform using our own Proof of Content consensus algorithms. Stakeholders use the content as a value-added commodity. This makes the ecosystem flexible and the technology much more sustainable than other alternatives.