New Internet Media

New Internet Media offers a complete solution for registering, reporting, and paying royalties from music. By using the latest technology, royalty can now be transferred instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world, the very moment a song is streamed. But speed is just one of the benefits.

A sustainable ecosystem for music

Investment in music

NIMs ecosystem not only offers a revolutionary new platform for everybody in the creative industry. It also provides new possibilities for fair investments in music, -generating predictive income for investors and effective ways to raise money for creators without selling away copyrights.

Royalties distribution

Royalties can also be distributed in a much fairer way allowing new possibilities for building careers in the music business. Furthermore, all stakeholders are fully integrated into the ecosystem. New Internet Media enables a smooth migration to a more effective, safe, and scalable handling of royalties.

A sustainable ecosystem for everyone

In brief: More money, faster


While music is more accessible than ever, the economic conditions for artists, songwriters, producers and musicians are challenged. New Internet Media allows royalties to be collected instantly so creators can be remunerated fairly, according to the value they create.


Royalties provide a stable, low-risk alternative for investors. New Internet Media offers flexible tools for investing in copyrights by leasing the right to receive royalties for a defined period. Governed by the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Committee)


An important and essential function is providing a ‘measure of value’. Up and until now (or since all currencies stopped relying on gold as a measure of value) there is no other alternative to the mechanism used by the market to set, determine, or measure the value of various goods and services. With CREATIVES that has changed! CREATIVES have constant intrinsic value and stable purchasing power.

Collecting Societies & Publishers

Publishers and collecting societies are fully integrated into the ecosystem. The system is developed to easily interface with the existing operations of all stakeholders, which enables a smooth migration to a more effective, safe, and scalable handling of royalties.

Digital Service providers (DSPs)

New Internet Media is easily integrated into the operations of DSPs like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Amazon. Transferring royalties to rights holders in our ecosystem is much faster and more economical than traditional financial channels.

NIM Passive Income

To transfer royalties efficiently, we are using Royalty Tokens, always representing fiat (US$) on an equal basis. For this, we charge a modest fee which is the NIM Passive Income (after expenses). The more content under exclusive administration, the more royalties are transported. Content is delivered through partners and affiliates representing the creators contributing to building the ecosystem.