NIM Copyright Investment Program

A global economic slowdown is becoming increasingly apparent, all in line with the analysis NIM has transmitted through our newsletters. Our commercial platform is fine-tuned to absorb the change in investment focus that was bound to happen.
We also see a return of many previously interested parties moving from less secure investments to our future of music rights management.

NIM Investment program

NIM is based upon the world’s biggest intrinsic markets, Internet content, and the royalties internet brings to copyright holders.
NIMs Passive income token is a low-risk investment, and the tokens will be freely tradable immediately after purchase. The instant liquidity of this offering lets token holders decide when to capture their return on investment.
Rightsholders do not have to sell away their copyright, and investors do not have to wait for an IPO.

NIM Passive Income

After buying tokens and transferring royalties, the token holder can choose to receive a certain amount of monthly payouts.


CREATIVES are the system’s native currency. Its value is based on the value of the royalties flowing through the ecosystem. Anybody can make FOREX transactions on CREATIVES.

NIM Utility Tokens

The purpose of Utility Tokens is to access content and support applications that have access to those services.