NIM Tokens are created for stability

NIM tokens are based upon the world’s biggest intrinsic markets, Internet content, and the royalties internet brings to the copyright holders.

ROYs are used for royalties transfer and licensing without worrying about price fluctuation. ROY are superior to fiat currencies since it’s programmable.
Think of ROYs as “credit tokens” with intrinsic value as asset-backed tokens.
ROY are also used as basis for reporting where the White Label partner invoice the DSP as per licenses acquired in the invoiced period.

CREATIVES are the system’s native currency. Its value is based on the value of the royalties flowing through the ecosystem. CREATIVES are the official and public representation for the payment of royalties to holders of Copyrights.
Anybody can make FOREX transactions on CREATIVES.

The purpose of Utility Tokens is to access content and support applications that have access to those services – like extended reporting or Content as a Service (CaaS). NUTs are an Internal Digital Asset used by partners in the NIM ecosystem.

It is used used to pay networks fees.
NUTs can be obtained only by exchanging ROYs to CREATIVES or bought with fiat or CREATIVES.

Asset-backed tokens are 1-to-1 backed and redeemable for a specific other asset(s). This is the core functionality of Royalty Tokens (ROYs). When the Digital Service Provider (DSP) buys ROYs, it will be with the exact amount in fiat as in ROYs (in our example, we will be using USD 1:1 parity, but could easily be Euro as GBP or SEK). The funds are put in escrow on a bank account in our partner bank, and the ROYs are created (minted) as asset-backed tokens.

Every time there is a stream on the DSP, the respective royalty amount in ROYs is sent to the wallet of the keeper (owner/administrator/investor) of Copyrights. The holder of Copyrights can convert ROYs at any time into fiat currency. Then have the respective amount transferred to their conventional bank account. This mechanism ensures liquidity in ROYs and guarantees that the keeper of copyright will get the royalties earned.

A Copyright holder (administration or creator) will get NIM Utility Tokens for free when exchanging Royalty Tokens for CREATIVES. And since the escrow fiat will always follow the exchange of Royalty Tokens, the liquidity balance is stable. Something that will ensure that NUT have the same market value as their underlying asset.

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CopyrightID is proof that a legal entity (person or company) has registered an intangible asset (creating a uniquely identifiable reference) representing copyright or intellectual property right. CopyrightShares are non-fungible assets of that CopyrightID, and Royalty okens are fungible assets that represent dividends in the form of royalties that a CopyrightShares produces.

CREATIVES are in direct relationship to Royalty tokens. CREATIVES are the only means of payment for Copyrights (besides fiat) and the only way to exchange Royalty tokens to any other currency (besides fiat).

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