NIM Copyright Investment Program

A global economic slowdown is becoming increasingly apparent, all in line with the analysis NIM has transmitted through our newsletters. Our commercial platform is fine-tuned to absorb the change in investment focus that was bound to happen.
We also see a return of many previously interested parties moving from less secure investments to our future of music rights management.

One of the early services of NIM is the packaging and inclusion of royalties as an added benefit. Not as an outright buy of copyrights and the included royalties stream, but as a “leased/escrow” service that buys the royalties income for a certain period.
Some of the barriers to this market have been outstanding legal and regulatory questions around whether this qualifies as a security and should be subject to additional regulation.
Analysts have also pointed to the potentially long timelines before buyers of royalty-bearing tokens recoup their initial purchase investment, especially given artists’ payment rates for streams via DSPs.
NIM has solved all of that (under Wyoming Bill 38) with advanced smart contracts and the possibility of offering these royalties-bearing tokens to an open market.
The initial offer is on NIMs (or partners) marketplace. At the same time, the new (temporary) owner can offer the royalties baring tokens on any marketplace.
After the “leasing” period is over, the royalties stream will follow the token from wallet to wallet and, after the “leasing” period is over, revert to the original creator (or holder).
We must also know that we can offer “investors” in leased/escrowed royalties tokens payment via fiat, not only crypto.
NIMCIP is an excellent way of raising money WITHOUT selling copyrights.

How does it work?

By offering NIMPI to investors in Copyrights, we anticipate raising a minimum of 500 million USD over time. The offer is through a launch pool that is constructed as a staking pool (to receive content to our Proof of Content services). By committing to a pool of investors, the investors will receive NIMPI that gives a minimum RoI for the NIMPIs (see separate description for NIMPIs).
In addition, the investor will receive royalties directly related to the investment in the timeline chosen.

An investor does not have to be proactive in the market throughout the investment duration. They only need to buy the digital asset and store it in a secure non-custodial wallet like Metamask or off-chain.
The whole process is controlled by smart contracts for maximum security and efficiency.