In standard economics, there are always two forces in play: supply and demand.
Will this apply to the value of tokens supplied though a blockchain development?
On the supply side, a token will increase in value if fewer tokens exist, that’s deflation. A token will decrease in value if more exist, that’s inflation
What about NIM tokens, will their value change over time?

  1. How many tokens exist right now?
  2. How many will ever exist?
  3. How quickly are new ones being released?

Then again, does this apply to NIM tokens and will there be a demand for NIM tokens?
NIM tokens are based upon the lifeblood of Internet, content. With more and more content under exclusive administration of NIM, the demand for NIM tokens increases.
All NIM Tokens are basically assets backed tokens and redeemable for other asset(s) reflecting the royalties flowing through the NIM services.


The currency of royalties...

An important and essential function is providing a ‘measure of value’.
Up and until now (or since all currencies stopped relying on gold as a measure of value) there is no other alternative to the mechanism used by the market to set, determine, or measure the value of various goods and services.
With CREATIVES that has changed!
CREATIVES have constant intrinsic value and stable purchasing power.


NIM Passive Income

To transfer royalties efficiently we are using Royalty Tokens, always representing fiat (presently US$) on an equal basis. For this, we charge a modest fee that is the NIM Passive Income (after expenses). The more content under exclusive administration, the more royalties are transported. Content is delivered through partners and affiliates representing the creators contributing to building the ecosystem.
NIM will always pay in CREATIVES.