Sofia Westergren

None-executive director

As a former member of the Swedish parliament, I have always been passionate about supporting and promoting the creative industries. My experience serving on the Finance and Tax Committee has given me a deep understanding of fiscal policies and their impact on businesses and individuals. This knowledge has been invaluable in shaping my perspective on creating a more equitable and sustainable ecosystem for content creators.

During my time in parliament, I had the opportunity to serve as a substitute for the Committee on Culture. I submitted Motion 2021/22:845 in this role, which advocated for regulated registration and copyright trade. This motion culminated my efforts to find solutions that ensure fair compensation and protection for content creators in the digital age. It highlighted the challenges faced by the creative sector and proposed concrete steps to address them.

I am thrilled to bring my political expertise and passion to the creative sector. My unique perspective, legislative experience, and dedication to supporting content creators will be instrumental in shaping NIM’s strategies and driving the company’s success.

I am committed to leveraging my understanding of policymaking to help NIM navigate the complex interplay between technology, policy, and the creative sector.

Through my role at NIM, I aim to contribute to developing innovative solutions that empower content creators and promote their interests. By combining my political acumen with NIM’s cutting-edge technology and user-centric approach, I believe we can drive meaningful change in the industry and create a brighter future for the creative sector.

I am excited to be part of NIM’s mission to revolutionize how content creators are valued and rewarded for their work. Together, we will work tirelessly to build a more transparent, efficient, and equitable ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders in the creative industries.


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