New Internet Media (NIM)

New Internet Media is a company dedicated to bringing sustainability to the musical ecosystem because we can and because we care.
We are not owned by any of the stakeholders in music, and we offer our services as enabling tools for you to use, under white label if you wish.
After all, it’s your music, your fans and your money!

Core team

Thor Pettersen

Founder and executive chairman

As a technology entrepreneur, I am passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, AI, and cryptography to revolutionize the content industry.

My journey began in June 2004 when I pioneered the legal integration of music on mobile phones and social networks, working with partners like Sony Music/BMG and Microsoft MSN. Creating a service that attracted 85000 monthly subscribers in Norway alone. This groundbreaking work showcased the immense potential for content distribution and monetization innovation.

Building upon this foundation, I have channeled my expertise and vision into founding New Internet Media (NIM), a company dedicated to providing transformative fintech solutions for copyright owners.  NIM aims to address the long-standing inequities in the music industry’s business model and ensure that content creators and rightsholders receive fair compensation for their talent and creations.

Sofia Westergren

Non-executive director

As a former member of the Swedish parliament, I have always been passionate about supporting and promoting the creative industries. My experience serving on the Finance and Tax Committee has given me a deep understanding of fiscal policies and their impact on businesses and individuals. This knowledge has been invaluable in shaping my perspective on creating a more equitable and sustainable ecosystem for content creators.

During my time in parliament, I had the opportunity to serve as a substitute for the Committee on Culture. I submitted Motion 2021/22:845 in this role, which advocated for regulated registration and copyright trade. This motion culminated my efforts to find solutions that ensure fair compensation and protection for content creators in the digital age. It highlighted the challenges faced by the creative sector and proposed concrete steps to address them.


Dick Nyvall

Co-founder NIM

My relationship with music is that I enjoy it very much. In other words, I’m a fan. I came into this venture because I saw potential in the technology for intellectual property licensing. However, once confronted with the inefficient royalty distribution in the music industry and how unfair it was to the actual creators, I found a worthy cause.

As a seasoned business executive, I bring a wealth of business development and risk management expertise. I have established myself as a trusted advisor and consultant, particularly in intellectual property licensing.

Throughout my corporate career, I have navigated the complexities of international business, honing my skills in financial planning and business operations. A keen eye for detail and a meticulous approach to problem-solving have earned me a reputation for delivering results and mitigating risks.

Alfons Karabuda

Composer and Co-founder NIM

Music has always been an integral part of my life. At just 15, I received my first commission from the Swedish Public Service Broadcasting Company (SVT), marking the beginning of a fulfilling journey in music composition. Since then, I have had the honor of composing for numerous esteemed productions, including the Swedish National Theatre Dramaten, Stockholm City Theatre, Strindbergs Intima Teater, the BBC, and Zentropa, among others.

As a dedicated cultural advocate, I have been entrusted by my peers in music and culture to represent their interests on national, European, and global platforms for many years. Having experienced firsthand the challenges within the music sector, I understand the vital role of creators and performers. Together with innovators in new technology, we have the opportunity to drive forward a sustainable musical ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

Core advisers

Guy Fletcher, OBE

Chairman Internet Music UK

Guy and his lyricist Doug Flett were the first British writers to be recorded by ELVIS PRESLEY. Guy has enjoyed four decades of success with recordings by many others, including RAY CHARLES, FRANKIE VALLI, JOE COCKER, HELEN REDDY, LOUISE MANDRELL, and CLIFF RICHARD. Today, Guy’s song FALLEN ANGEL is in the smash hit Broadway musical JERSEY BOYS.
Guy joined the board of PRS for music in 1998 and was elected Chairman in 2010. The Queen honored Guy in 2015 with an OBE for services to British Music.

Matthew Alexander

Head of Venture Capital and M&A Tsugu AG

Matthew is an expert in capital markets, investment banking, corporate strategy, and principal investing, with 22 years of experience in the U.S., Europe, Latam, and Asia. Most recently, Matthew has focused on shaping digital banking strategy & managing strategic digital banking investments for one of Switzerland’s largest private banks bewfore joining the team at Tsugu AG.