AI licensing

New Internet Media (NIM) has developed innovative strategies to monetize AI deep learning and generative music technologies, primarily targeting Digital Service Providers (DSPs). This overview explains NIM’s approach, focusing on how it benefits songwriters with a medium level of technical understanding.

Key Technologies and Strategies

CopyrightChain System

NIM utilizes a private permissioned network called CopyrightChains for copyright registration and royalty transfers. This system:

  • Enables secure registration of copyrights
  • Facilitates royalty transfers using a token called ROY
  • Provides each creator with a unique Sempre ID, linking their identity to their music and wallet address
Metadata Management and Monetization

NIM’s platform offers:

  • Secure, centralized storage of music Metadata
  • Tools for Metadata enrichment and consistency checks
  • Version control for tracking modifications
  • Interoperability with existing music industry standards
AI and Deep Learning Applications

NIM leverages AI and deep learning for:

  • Advanced Metadata analysis
  • Music classification and categorization
  • Generating insights for DSPs to improve their services
Licensing and Royalty Distribution

NIM facilitates:

  • Automated licensing processes for DSPs
  • Smart contracts for self-executing licensing agreements
  • User-centric royalty models based on actual usage
Quantum Computing Integration

NIM is exploring quantum computing applications, including:

  • Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP) for enhanced music analysis
  • Quantum-based composer identification to address unclaimed royalties
Monetization Strategies for DSPs
  1. Tiered Licensing Models: DSPs can choose different access levels to Metadata and AI-generated insights.
  2. Royalty Staking: Copyright owners can “stake” their Metadata, allowing AI services to use it for a share of generated revenue.
  3. Metadata Marketplaces: NIM provides platforms where DSPs can purchase or license high-quality Metadata and AI-generated insights.
  4. AI Training Data Licensing: DSPs can license Metadata to train their AI models, ensuring legal compliance and fair compensation to rights holders.
  5. Predictive Analytics Services: NIM offers DSPs access to AI-driven predictive analytics for music trends and listener behavior.
Benefits for creators
  1. Fair Compensation: Ensures songwriters receive appropriate royalties for using their Metadata in AI applications.
  2. Increased Visibility: Enhanced Metadata improves the discoverability of songs on DSP platforms.
  3. New Revenue Streams: Opens up opportunities for songwriters to monetize their Metadata beyond traditional royalties.
  4. Transparency: Provides clear tracking of how DSPs use and monetize Metadata.
  5. Control: Gives songwriters more control over how their Metadata is used in AI applications.

NIM operates under the Wyoming legal framework, which provides:

  • Recognition of blockchain-based companies as LLCs
  • Clear legal status for digital assets
  • Support for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

This legal structure offers songwriters and DSPs a secure environment for Metadata monetization and AI applications.


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New Internet Media (NIM) has developed a comprehensive ecosystem for monetizing AI deep learning and generative music technologies. By providing secure metadata management and innovative licensing models and leveraging cutting-edge technologies like quantum computing, NIM offers songwriters new opportunities to benefit from the growing use of AI in the music industry. For DSPs, NIM provides access to high-quality Metadata and AI-driven insights, enabling them to enhance their services while ensuring fair compensation for rights holders.