Online administration of music

New Internet Media (NIM) offers a comprehensive solution for music administration, streamlining the registration, reporting, and payment of royalties.

Instant royalty transfers.

Royalties are transferred when a song is streamed, and payments can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world. Accurate and individualized payments: Royalties are distributed accurately to each rightsholder, ensuring that royalties reach the intended recipients and no one else.

Latest technology.

NIM leverages cutting-edge technology to facilitate seamless music administration, ensuring royalty management efficiency, transparency, and security.

Benefits for Music Creators and Rights Holders.

NIM’s platform offers faster and more frequent royalty payments, increased royalty calculations and distribution transparency, reduced administrative burden and costs, and greater control over their music rights and earnings.

How It Works.

First, your music is registered in our system. NIM then tracks the usage and streaming of your songs. Royalties are calculated based on the number of streams and applicable rates. Finally, payments are instantly transferred to your designated account.


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AI-Powered Data Tools

NIM has developed advanced AI tools for data generation and analysis. These tools:

  • Improve music discoverability
  • Facilitate matching with potential licensing opportunities
  • Create a new revenue stream through metadata licensing to AI services
Decentralized Applications (dApps)

NIM’s platform includes dApps for music distribution and licensing, operating on a distributed network. This gives songwriters and artists more direct control over their music’s distribution and licensing terms.

Automated Rights Management

The automated rights management and royalty distribution system:

  • Tracks music usage across various platforms
  • Automatically calculates and distributes royalties
  • Provides real-time performance and earnings reports
Content Identification System

This system can recognize music even in remixed or sampled form, ensuring proper credit and compensation for creators..

White-Label Services

These services allow other entities in the music industry to leverage NIM’s technology, which benefits independent labels or artist collectives.

NIM’s online music administration solution revolutionizes how music creators and rights holders manage their royalties. By leveraging the latest technology, NIM ensures accurate, instant, and individualized royalty payments, empowering music professionals to focus on their craft while receiving the compensation they deserve. NIM’s technologies aim to provide songwriters and artists with tools to enhance control over their work, increase earning potential, and improve transparency in the music industry.