Online administration of music

New Internet Media (NIM) provides a cutting-edge online music administration, empowering copyright owners to protect and monetize their intellectual property. It's a comprehensive suite of tools that enable music industry stakeholders to register copyrights, combat unauthorized use, and ensure fair compensation for their creative works. By integrating NIM's service into their branded offerings, music companies can streamline rights management, licensing, and royalty distribution processes, providing clients a seamless and efficient experience.

Copyright Guards

In the evolving landscape of the music industry, integrating copyright registration within a Limited Liability Company (LLC) structure offers significant legal and financial advantages. This approach provides enhanced protection and streamlined management of musical intellectual property. In this digital age, protecting the intellectual property rights of musicians, composers, and producers is paramount. Effective copyright management ensures creators are rightfully credited and compensated for their work.

AI licensing

New Internet Media (NIM) offers a service for AI licensing in the music industry. NIM enables copyright owners to license their music metadata to AI companies while controlling usage rights and ensuring fair compensation. It creates a transparent and efficient licensing ecosystem that benefits copyright owners and AI licensees. Copyright owners can register their works, set licensing terms, and receive automated royalty payments. At the same time, AI companies can access high-quality, licensed music metadata for training and developing innovative AI applications.