Built for capacity, speed, and minimal energy consumption

New Internet Media’s tech platform is a hybrid concept that utilizes the best features of blockchain technology and modern databases to arrive at an optimized capacity for huge data volumes processed at an amazing speed. And unlike other blockchain-based solutions, NIMs technology requires a fraction of the energy consumption of traditional systems.

New Internet Media Technology

Energy efficient

Ethereum can conduct around 15 transactions per second for an energy cost per transaction of 50kWh. NIM tech can conduct about 4500 transactions per second for an energy cost per transaction of 0.035mWh.

Speed Optimization

NIM Tech is capable of 4500 TPS (Transactions per Second) and >10 000 TPS on dedicated platforms. Finality is also important:

  • Bitcoin has a finality of 60 mins
  • Tezos roughly 30 minutes
  • Ethereum is 6 mins
  • NIM Tech has less than 1 second

Technology infrastructure

NIM Tech has tested the implementation of both EVM (Ethereum Virtual machine) and AVM (Avalanche Virtual machine) and are using both in the infrastructure


Copyright registration is the same process whether it is musical works, music recordings, news articles, photos, videos, designs or any other result of a creative mind.
Copyright owners are registered with shares in the copyright and consequently the right to receive royalties( according to how many shares).


NIM Tech can handle more than 10 trillion requests per day and can support peaks of more than 200 million requests per second (Visa does around 1,700 transactions per second on average).
A licensing request has a threshold of 20 seconds (Apple music) and, more commonly, 30 seconds (Spotify, YouTube and other DSPs), so it’s well within acceptable parameters.

Royalty payments

Today the royalties are paid through intermediaries taking a non-negligible piece of the pie.
NIMs services of tokenized nano-payments guarantees nearly instant payment and much reduced fees.