New Internet Media (NIM) provides white-label services for partners in the digital music industry. Its primary focus is on creators, rights holders, and distributors’ challenges in managing and monetizing intellectual property. By leveraging blockchain technology and innovative consensus mechanisms, NIM aims to create a transparent, efficient, and equitable ecosystem for rights management and royalty distribution.

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At the core of NIM’s offerings is the CopyrightChains platform, a private, permissioned blockchain network explicitly designed to manage digital content rights. CopyrightChains utilizes a novel consensus mechanism called Power of Content (PoC), which aligns network incentives with creating and consuming music. This approach ensures that the growth and sustainability of the network are directly tied to the quality and popularity of the music being staked.

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The NIM ecosystem is powered by the NIM Utility Token (NUT), the native currency for transactions, staking, and governance within the network. The tokenomics of the NIM ecosystem include Royalty Tokens (ROY), which are used for licensing and represent the right to receive a portion of the royalties generated, and CREATIVES, a stable currency used for subscription. They can be seen as the lifeblood of the Internet, having intrinsic value.

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NIM’s white-label services provide content partners with various benefits, including increased control over their intellectual property, transparent and efficient royalty distribution, new monetization opportunities, reduced reliance on intermediaries, and greater creative freedom.

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To ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, NIM has implemented robust measures for intellectual property protection, licensing and royalty distribution, data privacy, and security. The company actively monitors the evolving legal and regulatory landscape to adapt its platform and services accordingly.

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The NIM ecosystem is designed to be scalable, interoperable, and user-friendly, emphasizing security and privacy. The future development roadmap includes expanding content verticals, integrating external systems and marketplaces, and continuously improving the PoC consensus mechanism.

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NIM provides a comprehensive rights management and monetization solution in the digital age. By leveraging blockchain technology, innovative consensus mechanisms, and a robust token economy, NIM empowers creators, rights holders, and distributors to unlock the full potential of their intellectual property while fostering a more transparent, efficient, and equitable ecosystem for the digital content industry.

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