New Internet Media

New Internet Media offers a complete solution for registering, reporting, and paying royalties from music. Using the latest technology, royalty can be transferred instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world, the moment a song is streamed. Speed is just one of the benefits.

NIM revolutionizes copyright management through technology

New Internet Media (NIM) has developed a groundbreaking platform that empowers copyright owners, songwriters, artists, and their representatives to thrive in the digital economy. By leveraging advanced technology and innovative solutions, NIM addresses the challenges the creative community faces, removing the barriers that have historically hindered their ability to monetize their content effectively.

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Effortless control with email-based account abstraction

NIM’s platform features a user-friendly interface and advanced account abstraction technology. It allows creators to register, manage, and maintain complete control over their copyrights using only their email addresses. This eliminates the need for complex legal paperwork and intermediaries, as NIM’s platform handles all the administrative tasks. Copyright owners can now focus on their craft while ensuring their rights are securely protected and the money flow is guaranteed, as in a bank.

Transparent and timely royalty payments

NIM’s technology revolutionizes how royalties are handled, providing copyright owners unprecedented transparency and timely payments. Creators can track the usage of their content and receive their fair share of earnings directly without the delays and opaqueness that have historically plagued the industry. This level of transparency and immediacy in royalty payments empowers creators to maximize the value of their work.

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Innovative yield generation and staking for passive income

NIM’s platform offers copyright owners unique opportunities to generate passive income through yield generation and content staking mechanisms. By participating in NIM’s yield pool, creators can earn a portion of the transaction fees distributed proportionally based on the popularity and engagement of their content. NIM’s content staking feature also allows copyright owners to gain even more significant returns by locking up their copyrights for a limited and predetermined duration, incentivizing long-term engagement and fostering a sense of ownership within the NIM ecosystem.

Transparent asset management with advanced security

NIM’s blockchain-based infrastructure and advanced security architecture ensure that creators’ digital assets, including copyrights and royalties, are kept safe and secure in the cloud. All transactions and data related to their copyrights are recorded on an immutable blockchain, providing a transparent and tamper-proof record of their assets and earnings for an insured and guaranteed period of 120 years. This eliminates the risk of losing account wallets or leaking private keys, giving copyright owners peace of mind.

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Empowering the creative community with direct monetization

NIM’s platform offers creators direct monetization opportunities, eliminating the need for intermediaries and ensuring fair compensation for their work. Through the seamless integration of virtual wallets and email-based access, creators can easily manage their copyrights, receive royalty payments, and participate in the platform’s yield generation and content staking mechanisms. NIM’s ecosystem fosters a thriving community of creators, investors, and music enthusiasts, enabling copyright owners to engage with each other, share insights, and collaborate on new projects while benefiting from the platform’s economic incentives and governance mechanisms.

Third-Party monetization: Not letting the creators take the bill.

One of the most innovative aspects of NIM’s approach is its unique third-party monetization model. Unlike other platforms, NIM doesn’t burden copyright owners with the costs of using the platform. Instead, it allows third parties that monetize the content to pay the bills. This unique feature ensures that creators can focus on their craft without worrying about the financial aspects of managing their copyrights, as the costs are covered by those who share the benefits from the content, not by the creators, as with today’s music industry, where any increased cost usually ends up with the creator.

Lowering barriers and redefining copyright management

NIM’s commitment to lowering barriers to entry, increasing transparency, and providing creators with the tools and support they need to thrive in the digital age sets it apart in the industry. By developing cutting-edge blockchain technology and innovative solutions, NIM is redefining the landscape for copyright management, royalty distribution, and content monetization. This empowers creators to focus on their craft while ensuring their rights and earnings are secure, transparent, and fairly distributed.